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Most of these electrical drawings (OEM) are listed for a 1996 M3044 with a side door but they seem to apply to my unit with small variations. I doubt if the factory changed the designs much. Some of these files have been redrawn to represent my 98 Sahara 3044 coach. They also contain custom circuitry I have added.

Left click on the link to view the file or right-click and "save target as" for a copy of the file.

Description File Description File
120 vac input and distribution  OEM pdf 120 vac Input / Distribution Redrawn for 98 Sahara pdf
120 vac roof wiring  OEM pdf    
12 vdc roof wiring  OEM pdf    
12 vdc bed room fuse panel distribution  OEM pdf 12 vdc Bed Rm Fuse Panel Dist + Redrawn for 98 Sahara pdf
Windshield wiper delay circuit  OEM pdf Exit lights detail pdf
Tail and clearance lights  OEM pdf Tail & Clearance lights 1 as built Redrawn pdf
    Tail & Clearance lights 2 + Headlight relays pdf
    Tail & Clearance lights 3 + relays & marker blink pdf
Turn signals  OEM pdf Turn signals as built Redrawn pdf
    Turn signals w/ marker blink (see also T&C 3) pdf
Engine Harness Cat 3126B OEM pdf Marker blink circuit detail pdf
Service Center  OEM pdf Switch & Component Details  98 Sahara pdf
Dash A/C vacuum & wiring  Redrawn pdf Headlight & Marker courtesy blink circuit w/ headlight relays added pdf
12 vdc primary distribution OEM Redrawn pdf  Isolator panel w/ Pac Brake wiring (as built) pdf
Beaver primary DC distribution OEM pdf Isolator panel w/ revised Pac Brake wiring pdf
Instrument Panel Center OEM pdf Homemade trailer light converter link
    3 x 2 trailer lt converter + running lights relay pdf
Instrument Panel Right OEM pdf Third Brake Light converted to LEDs pdf
Oil, Coolant Gauges OEM  pdf  Alternator Charge w/ Diode Isolator pdf
     Alternator Charge w/ oil pressure switch pdf
 Starter Circuit  pdf  Alternator Charge w/ PowerStream SBI-3112 pdf
     Alternator Charge w/ PowerStream SBI-3112 (switched) pdf
    Alternator Charge w/ ignition switch control pdf
    Alternator Charge w/ basic switch control pdf